Monday, November 2, 2009


I am not sure why but Homo sapiens have a strange ability to project their perceptions on to the situations of others. Why is it we as people find the need to look in to the window of someone's life and compare it to our own. The picture looks pretty through the window but once you are on the inside looking out I assure you it is quite different. I for one love the cold and the snow. However, if someone that preferred a more tropical climate were to look in my window when I was out shoveling snow they may feel inclined to think that it is a horrible moment. Meanwhile, I might be happy just enjoying the feel of the cold and the beauty of the snow as I shovel.

So often you will here someone say "My life would be so much better if I had more money." Is that really true? Would your life be better with more money or would there be another issue to fill the void that was left when you solved the money problem. Life is filled with opportunities to be happy. It is up to us as people to seize the moment. I, for one, do not believe the old latin saying Carpe Diem. I am more for using Carpe Momento or seize the moment. It is far to presumptuous for us to assume we have the day. Life is full of moments in time that define our moods and perceptions. We are quick to say we had a great day but was the day that great or were there moments in that day that made it great. The sun shines all day and night, every day of every month of every year but from where we stand it rises and sets once a day. That moment is beautiful but the sun has not changed. It is our perception at that moment in time that captures the beauty presented to us. There are always going to be bad days but find the beautiful moments in them. A smile from a perfect stranger, seeing a man hold the door open for his female companion, the laughter of a baby from the table in front of you at a restaurant, the kind words of someone that you care deeply for. I could go on and on of the simple moments of joy and beauty that we lose in the chaos of our lives. Try to live for the moment and enjoy every gift that is given to us and when we are having a bad moment in our lives let's use that moment to make us grateful for all the good ones we have had.

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